Exciting weekends

I dread Friday’s.  It is the time of the week when most people are excited that the weekend is near. People start planning for the next two days. Everyone has a little smile on their face and keep asking the dreaded question.

What’s your plan for the weekend ?

My mind goes into an over-drive and looks for a convincing and interesting reply.  I usually end up with either of these.

1. Not much , perhaps a movie or dinner. ( Vague enough …)

2.  No plans . Thought of taking a break and get some rest.. Sleep and watch TV .( Couple this with a look that convinces them that you lead a busy life , and you are golden).

After a while , you get quite adept at convincing others. Even if it is a little annoying , it doesn’t become a big problem. The difficulty is in convincing yourself that your weekend will not be depressing and your life does not suck !

I am not that good a liar. At least, not yet.  Until then , I live through the weekend with a big sigh , hoping for better times. And when Monday turns up , am all set to camouflage under the relatively busy life at work.

Thank god for the week days. If not for it , I would be a maniac running naked around the streets , till some comet shoots me down.

Come onnnnnn…. comet !


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